Review Top 5 2022 and Look ahead to next Top 5

Review Top 5 2022 and Look ahead to next Top 5

Revisiting my Top 5 project ideas from May 2022 and my next Top 5 before Summer hiatus

Last year I shared my Top 5 project ideas. And I thought it would be time to revisit them and tell you what happened with them. And since my summer hiatus, from June to August, is coming up, this will be my last blog for some time. So it is fair to give you some input for the next time.

Status Idea 1: Jira Dashboard with Python and Node-Red Rest API

Initially, I was thrilled about the prospect of building a Jira dashboard using Python and the Node-RED REST API. The combination of Python's versatility and Node-RED's automation capabilities seemed like the perfect fit. However, as circumstances would have it, my priorities took an unexpected turn. It turned out that a colleague had already created a similar solution using Power BI and Excel. This revelation made me reconsider the immediate implementation of my "Jira Dashboard in Python with Node-RED REST API" idea, as it seemed redundant in light of my colleague's existing solution.

We had to go through a bit of trial and error to meet my specific requirements, but my colleague was able to accommodate the changes I requested. The process now involves accessing Jira, executing the desired filter, exporting the data into an Excel file, and then utilizing Power BI to create the dashboard. However, after watching some informative videos on Microsoft's Power Platform, I'm intrigued by the possibility of converting the dashboard into a Power App in the future. This idea has quickly become one of my top five priorities for the next 12 months, as it holds the potential to further enhance the functionality and accessibility of my Jira dashboard.

Status Idea 2: Python Sequence Chart/Flow Chart

Don't need to say much. Already done by someone else. No need to reimplement the wheel. Ok, not exactly what I wanted, but close enough to take the fun out of my journey. Have a look at PyWorkflow, PyFlow, PyFlowchart or similar projects.

Status Idea 3: Concept Map in Python with iGraph

Well, not done anything, yet. So still a valid option for my next Top 5.

Status Idea 4: Robot Football Simulator Game

Currently, the Robot Football Simulator Game idea is in a bit of a limbo state. While I have completed the Streaming Football Scoreboard component and made it available on, the actual development of the simulator game itself remains confined to my imagination. However, despite its current state, this idea holds a significant place in my top five priorities, as I am determined to bring it to life and transform it from a mere concept into a tangible and exciting project.

Status Idea 5: Flutter Desktop for macOS/linux

No news here. I've started with it, but after doing the initial Tutorial and I got the Desktop running on my MacOS Mac Mini. I lost interest more or less, since I didn't want to learn a new programming language, again.

I've learned so many programming languages during my career, so I decided to settle on Python, Javascript and once in a while C# or Java (the last two, because I've got a ton of old code I've written in those languages). And lately, I figured out how tkinter and customtkinter work, and there are great videos on Youtube. So this solution is good enough for my use cases. Don't need all the Android and iPhone/iPad stuff. Desktop on MacOS, Linux and luckily on Windows (WSL/Ubuntu) is enough.

What's next

I am constantly seeking new projects and ideas to challenge myself and expand my skill set. I have curated a list of my next top five ideas that I am eager to dive into. Ok, so here are my next Top 5 ideas I want to work on for next year.

Idea 1: Robot Football Simulator Game

One of my most captivating ideas involves bringing to life a Robot Football Simulator Game. Inspired by my love for both robotics and football, this project aims to create a virtual environment where robots engage in thrilling American football matches. From programming their movements and tactics to designing the game's interface, I am excited to transform this concept into an engaging and immersive experience. (Thank you ChatGPT ;-)). Not much to add. Simply bring the idea in my head alive.

Idea 2: (Special X-Mas Project) Convert my K3s cluster to a Docker Swarm cluster

To optimize the efficiency and maintenance of my home lab setup, I plan to convert my existing K3s cluster into a Docker Swarm cluster. While the K3s cluster has served me well, the growing demands (on my job, family and health) and time constraints call for a change. By embracing Docker Swarm and its scalability, I hope to streamline operations and enhance the overall performance of my projects. Furthermore, I intend to explore the trend of utilizing smaller hardware and possibly venture into the world of Proxmox in the future, with a used May Mini M1, which I plan to pick up from eBay. So another side project to work on.

Idea 3: Write a Power App for my Jira Dashboard with the Microsoft Power Platform

To enhance the functionality and automation of my Jira Dashboard, I aim to develop a Power App using the Microsoft Power Platform. While my existing Power BI Dashboard provides valuable insights, there is still room for improvement. By leveraging the Power Platform's capabilities, I can create a seamless and user-friendly application that further streamlines my project management processes, offering increased efficiency and productivity.

Idea 4: (Special Summer Project) Upgrade my daily driver hardware

As technology advances, it is crucial to stay up to date with the latest hardware to maximize productivity. Currently relying on a Mac Mini from late 2014, I have decided to embark on an upgrade journey. Over the summer, I plan to update it to Ventura using the OpenCore Legacy Patcher, breathing new life into my trusted companion. Furthermore, depending on the announcements made at WWDC 2023, I may consider upgrading to a newer Mac Mini or exploring other options such as refurbished models or discounted MacBook Pro M2 Pro models, to replace my late 2013 MacBook Pro, running Ventra (with the help of OpenCore Legacy Patcher).

Idea 5: Bullet Point Journal with a Low-Code Platform

Reviving a past project, I am eager to revisit the concept of a Bullet Point Journal using a Low-Code Platform like AppSheet, BudiBase, or Power App. By transforming this idea into a web-based app with a simple data structure, I aim to create an efficient and personalized journaling experience. Leveraging the power of low-code development, I can quickly build the necessary functionalities while maintaining flexibility for future customization.

Bonus Idea: Concept Map in Python with iGraph

In addition to my top five ideas, I have a bonus concept that I am excited to explore if time permits. This idea involves creating a concept map using Python and iGraph library, building upon my recent knowledge acquisition in Python's tkinter and customtkinter.


With my summer pause on the horizon, I am filled with anticipation and enthusiasm for the next tech ventures I have planned. So there's a lot to do from creating a captivating Robot Football Simulator Game to upgrading my hardware and enhancing my project management tools, each idea holds its promise and potential. So let's see what can I accomplish in the next 12 months.

As always apply this rule: "Questions, feel free to ask. If you have ideas or find errors, mistakes, problems or other things which bother or enjoy you, use your common sense and be a self-reliant human being."

Have a good one. Alex

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